“The truth is that most software is pretty simple. It’s what developers call CRUD applications: Create, Read, Update, Delete. Most apps online are forms that let the user input data, modify data, report out data, or delete data. Nearly every website or mobile app you’ve ever used is 95 percent…

Negotiation is an often undervalued skill for product managers. Whether we want to get budget to go after a specific market opportunity or need to push back on a specific request, we need to be strong negotiators to navigate certain scenarios effectively.

Who better to learn from about negotiation than…

My summary of Coda before using it? A document sharing product, plain and simple. Probably similar to Google Docs, making it easy for people to share information and collaborate.

How does Coda explain itself in the first minute? “Enough of this sheet” reads the strap-line above the fold on Coda’s…


Product at ASOS, author of "My Product Management Toolkit", family, boxing and founder of @hiphoplistings and blogging via http://t.co/uGr5nRye

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