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My summary of Superhuman before using it? I expect an email service, similar to Google’s Gmail, but stronger on user experience and security.

How does Superhuman explain itself in the first minute? When I go to the Superhuman website I see a promise of “The fastest email experience ever made”, followed by a call to action to sign up to Superhuman.

When I scroll down, it says that Superhuman isn’t just another email client. There are claims that the Superhuman inbox is gorgeous and its email service “blazingly fast”. Once I’ve registered my email with Superhuman, I receive and email…


Last month marked my 10 year anniversary of being a product manager. This milestone did two things for me. Firstly, it made me nostalgic :) Secondly, it made me reflect and ponder the things I’ve observed and learned over the past 10 years. From outcome over output to product management certification, I’ll share my reflections with you and would love to hear what you think (irrespective of whether you’ve been in product management for 10 days or 10 years)

Outcome over output

One of the biggest things I’ve learned in the past 10 years is to value outcomes over…

I’ve been following Teresa Torres and her work for a good few years, so I was very excited when she published “Continues Discovery Habits: Discover Products That Create Customer Value and Business Value” earlier this year. In “Continuous Discovery Habits” Torres explains the value of continuous discovery and describes the best way to implement a culture where we constantly explore against specific outcomes.

The prerequisite mindsets

Torres rightly stresses that for continuous discovery to be implemented successfully (and to become a habit), the right mindset needs to be established. “Many teams chase frameworks, tools, and methodologies, hoping that each new…

My summary of Coda before using it? A document sharing product, plain and simple. Probably similar to Google Docs, making it easy for people to share information and collaborate.

How does Coda explain itself in the first minute? “Enough of this sheet” reads the strap-line above the fold on Coda’s homepage, followed by “It’s time for a new doc that brings words, data, and teams together.” There’s a clear call to action encouraging me to “Make a doc”.

How does Coda work? After clicking on “Make a doc” I land on Coda’s signup page.

If you feel that doing customer interviews might not give you the learnings that you’re looking for or that you want to add a new source of customer insights, then it might be worth going on a “Sales Safari”. Sales Safari is an online audience research method developed by Amy Hoy.

Sales Safari is about of finding the places online where your target audience is and interacts, and observing their behaviour and discussions in these places. …

It’s one of the biggest traps that we as product people can fall into: developing tunnel vision, and not keeping an open mind. Some people argue that one has to be single minded in order to be successful. Perhaps this is true if you want to be a successful golfer or an amazing musician, but to develop successful products an open mind is required.

Jonathan Baron is a Professor of Psychology who has extensively studied the concept called “active open-minded thinking” (‘AOT’). To be actively open-minded is to actively search for information that contradicts your pre-existing hypotheses. …

I like Hiten Shah’s simple but clear explanation about the importance of measuring retention: “retention is the indicator of whether a product is working for its users or not.” Retention is typically measured by comparing the number of customers at the start of a given time period with the number of customers at the end of that period whilst excluding any new customers acquired during that period.

‘Usage’ and ‘revenue’ are the two lenses that we need apply when measuring retention:

  • Usage retention: Measuring the number and percentage of users* that are active in your product. …

My summary of Stitch Fix before using it? I expect Stitch Fix to offer second hand clothing, but that’s purely based on the name :) Alternatively, you can use Stitch Fix to get your existing clothing items repaired.

How does Stitch Fix explain itself in the first minute? When I download the Stitch Fix iOS app, it says “Personal styling for women & men” on the landing screen, mentioning that “our stylists hand select and send you clothing and accessories to suit your lifestyle.” This bit alone shows me how far off I was in my initial expectations of Stitch…

My summary of Prose before using it? I’ve heard some venture capital friends talk admiringly about Prose and their approach to personalisation. All I know is that Prose sells hair products, but being 100% bald myself :) that’s as far as my knowledge goes.

How does Prose explain itself in the first minute? When I go to the Prose website, I’m welcomed by a strap-line that states “Your best hair starts with custom care, inside & out”, flanked by a number of hair products.

Intrigued as to what “custom care” means in the context of Prose, I click on the…

My summary of Run The World before using it? I expect a platform which makes it easy for people to run events virtually, similar to Hopin and Eventbrite.

How does Run The World explain itself in the first minute? The first thing I see when I go to the Run The World site is a strap-line which says “Fire up your virtual events”, followed by “Organize interactive events for groups to learn and socialize.” At this point, I can already create a free event to host or take a video tour first.

When I scroll down on the Run The…


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