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  • Ross Mayfield

    Ross Mayfield

    CEO & Co-founder of Pingpad. Previously LinkedIn, SlideShare, Socialtext, RateXchange. Husband of Leila Al-Shamari, and Father.

  • Jessie Chen

    Jessie Chen

    πŸ“ Product designer @ Autodesk San Francisco.

  • Michael De La Maza

    Michael De La Maza

    Agile Coach. Find me at

  • Coda


    It's a new day for docs.

  • annie jean-baptiste

    annie jean-baptiste

  • Bex Rad

    Bex Rad

    Creative Director at VanMoof

  • Becca Vibert

    Becca Vibert

    Product management and startups 🌱

  • Tom Comerford

    Tom Comerford

    Experienced product leader at Walmart with an MBA from NYU Stern

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