KPI Checklists (Book Review)

Image Credit: CFO Bookshelf
  • Shows how you’re doing at __
  • A particularly activity __
  • To achieve a particular level or outcome
  1. Clear strategy — Agree what you’re trying to achieve
  2. Engage — Engage stakeholders and assess situation
  3. Longlist KPIs — KPI Trees to create ‘longlist’
  4. Shortlist KPIs — Develop the measures ‘shortlist’
  5. Define — Define KPIs
  6. Prototype — Design and test your dashboards and reports
  7. Go live — Roll out your KPIs, reports and dashboards
Image Credit: Made To Measure KPIs
  • Strategic objective
  • Theme
  • Tactic
  • Measurement
  • Strategic objective — Increase revenue by 25%
  • Theme — Increase revenue from both existing and new customers
  • Tactic — Offer new services to existing customers and enter new customer segments
  • Measurement — ‘New services sold’ and ‘new customers acquired’
  • Cause-effect — This link captures a direct relationship, where one activity directly influences another.
  • Conflict — Where one activity conflicts with another. You can highlight this conflict using a red line. KPI trees will make these conflicts visible and highlight the need for so-called ‘check metrics’.
  • Companion — Where one measure is a subset of the other, or there is significant overlap.
Image Credit: Made To Measure KPIs
Image Credit: Andrew Miller on LinkedIn
  • Aspire list — Not available but important. These KPIs need to be developed.
  • Forget — Trivial and unimportant. Park these with the rationale explaining why.
  • Primary KPIs — Available and important. These go on the first revision of dashboards and reports.
  • Caution — Easy to get but trivial. Be careful. These clog up reports and dashboards without helping.
  • Do-it-straight away list of measures — the Use list
  • To-do list of measures to develop — the Aspire list
  • Rejected measures (with reasons) — the Discard list



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