My Product Management Toolkit (47): “Different Hats”

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  • Bianca, Legal Counsel
  • Eve, Product Manager
  • Daryl, Marketing
  • Chloe, Sales
  • Denise, Engineer
  • Tony, Designer
  1. Problem or Opportunity
  2. Wear a hat
  3. Share a hat
  • Significant sales opportunity — Chloe in the Sales Team has identified a great sales opportunity through talking to a number of prospective high value customers. The features that these prospects have been asking for aren’t currently on any product roadmap but could result in substantial revenue for the company.
  • Missing out on marketing — As a product manager you’re over the moon; the product team that you’re part of has just shipped a new product that took a good few months of hard work. However, you just received a snarky email from Daryl in the marketing team, who is cross about not having been in the loop on this product release.
  • Legal are not going to lay low — Bianca, the legal counsel has repeatedly raised concerns about the legal implications of the data sharing element of a new product onboarding feature that is being implemented. She has pointed out specific privacy and data protection regulations that the feature would be violating. James, the product manager, believes that Bianca is just acting like a typical lawyer and feels she’s raising concerns unnecessarily.
  • What am I accountable for?
  • What are my goals and priorities?
  • What does success look like, why?
  • What tradeoffs or decisions do I need to make?
  • How do I feel about working with the different functions?
  • Who am I accountable to?
  • As a product manager, in this situation, I typically do ___________
  • In sales, the main thing is to _________________________________
  • As a legal counsel, I want to make sure that ____________________
  • From a marketing perspective it’s critical that __________________
  • In engineering we always want to _____________________________
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Product at Intercom, author of "My Product Management Toolkit" and “Managing Product = Managing Tension” — see

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Product at Intercom, author of "My Product Management Toolkit" and “Managing Product = Managing Tension” — see

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