Pragma (Product Review)

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  • Accounts — Creating and managing cross-platform accounts to connect players.
  • Game loop — Through Pragma, game creators can create and manage the ‘loop’ of a game; a chain of actions that is repeated over and over. A game loop forms the core experience for the player of a game. Through Pragma you can manage, for example, the lobby of a game and processing at the end of a game.
  • Social — Pragma’s social features enable game creators to communicate with friends, compete on leaderboards, view achievements, etc.
  • Player and game data — This functionality enables game players to store, save, and update accounts, game progress and related data.
  • Live operations — Enabling Pragma users to launch new features at scale. The platform provides functionality like real-time monitoring and a deployment toolchain.
  • Store integration — Think about integration with game stores like Epic Games and Ubisoft Store. This includes capabilities like payment provider integration and in-game purchase fulfilment.
  • Telemetry — Given how data driven most games are, Pragma handles the data pipeline of a game to support any real-time data informed decisions.
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