Product review: Superhuman

My summary of Superhuman before using it? I expect an email service, similar to Google’s Gmail, but stronger on user experience and security.

How does Superhuman explain itself in the first minute? When I go to the Superhuman website I see a promise of “The fastest email experience ever made”, followed by a call to action to sign up to Superhuman.

When I scroll down, it says that Superhuman isn’t just another email client. There are claims that the Superhuman inbox is gorgeous and its email service “blazingly fast”. Once I’ve registered my email with Superhuman, I receive and email from Rahul Vohra, Superhuman’s Founder & CEO. In this automated message, Vohra tells me more about Superhuman and shares a questionnaire to help me get started on Superhuman. I presume this questionnaire to be about my email habits and preferences, thus creating my inbox and preferences from scratch.

How does Superhuman work?

I start with the questionnaire:

Unfortunately, my Superhuman experience comes to a quick and premature end as Superhuman doesn’t support non-Google accounts just yet. Given that I don’t use Gmail at work, I can’t use Superhuman (just) yet.

However, keen to get a sense of the product, I watch a short demo clip and look at some screenshots:

Main learning point:

I haven’t been able to use Superhuman unfortunately and I wonder whether that’s part of the positioning of this new email app: a sense of exclusivity, for those people who feel that their current work email is too slow and cumbersome.

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